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Our team applies coaching, facilitation, and modern agile approaches to build effective teams and organizations.

Get professional coaching and facilitation for strategic sessions that will help you achieve success in any field.

Regardless of your industry, we focus on working with people and changing their mindset to help you achieve your goals.

Our goal is not only to conduct a strategic session but also to help you implement it in practice. We believe that success comes through the execution of strategy, not just on paper. That's why we work to ensure that your strategy doesn't remain just on sticky notes but becomes a living tool for your success.

advantages of agiledrive

The main advantages that clients receive when using agiledrive include increased planning process efficiency, accelerated decision-making, and enhanced participant engagement.

More effective strategic planning

Thanks to professional facilitation, teams can create clearer and more targeted strategic plans, which helps improve the efficiency of the organization's work. During the planning process, the facilitator conducts interviews with each member of the top team to gather important data and understand their perspectives, goals, and objectives for the organization. These interviews help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, as well as opportunities and threats faced by the team.

Participant engagement

Facilitation helps create an engaged and collaborative environment where participants feel that their thoughts and ideas are heard, leading to greater motivation and cooperation among all parties.

Quick decision-making

agiledrive's facilitators will help you unlock potential conflicts and create a conducive atmosphere for productive discussions. This will enable you to make decisions faster and achieve consensus more effectively.

Building a shared vision

Facilitation helps participants strengthen their common understanding of the company's mission, goals, and strategic directions, contributing to its successful development.

Enhanced communication

Facilitation contributes to improving communication among participants, reducing misunderstandings, and enhancing the quality of communication processes.

Development of innovative ldeas

Teams have the opportunity to generate new ideas and innovative approaches through structured facilitated creativity.

Implementation planning

After the completion of facilitated sessions, agiledrive provides assistance in developing an implementation plan for the strategy and its monitoring to achieve success.

agiledrive OKR Consulting climbing to the top

Building trust

Thanks to the neutral mediation of facilitators, session participants feel confident that their interests and views are respected, which contributes to building trust within the team.

agiledrive approach

Our goal is not only to conduct a strategic session but also to assist you in implementing it in practice. We firmly believe that success comes from putting your strategy into action, not just leaving it on paper. That's why we work to ensure your strategy becomes a living tool for your success, not just a set of stickers.

Facilitating change. We know how!

We engage the top team in the change process and facilitate complex organizational dynamics, resistance, non-acceptance, disagreements, and conflicts...
These are all signs that real changes are happening. They don't scare us because we know how to work with them.

Professional expertise

agiledrive facilitators are professional experts with extensive experience who will help focus on the key aspects of strategic sessions and achieve maximum results.

agiledrive OKR Consulting climbing to the top

Implementation planning

After the completion of facilitated sessions, agiledrive assists in developing a strategy implementation plan and its monitoring to achieve success.

Commitment to results: partnership for success

We build partnerships with clients and ensure projects are brought to successful completion. This is the most productive format of interaction between businesses and consultants. Our clients and their results are a testament to this. We support them until they have enough expertise and confidence to move forward independently.

dashboard agiledrive

More than 93% of clients report an increase in the effectiveness of making strategic decisions after agiledrive facilitation.
Over 80% of clients note increased satisfaction among session participants and greater engagement in the strategy development process after collaborating with agiledrive
More than 76% of agiledrive session participants report an increase in innovative ideas and new approaches in strategic decisions.
The total planning and strategy development time is reduced by an average of 32% after facilitation by agiledrive.
The percentage of companies reporting improvement in team collaboration is 85% after conducting facilitated strategic sessions.
More than 70% of companies report successful strategy implementation and achievement of planned results after facilitated sessions.


Yuriy Koziy

Managing Partner at agiledrive, Organizational Coach
Expert in strategic transformations, Managing Partner at @agiledrive. The primary specialization includes company transformations, starting from the top management level, systemic Agile training, change implementation, coaching leaders, teams, and organizations. Assists organizations in implementing flexible management methods, building strong teams, and efficient processes. Active participant in consulting, management, and Agile communities. Author and host of a podcast on work-life balance.

Dmytro Yarmak

Organizational Coach, Partner at agiledrive
Specializations: organizational consulting, coaching, scaling Agile in organizations, facilitation, Scrum Masters School. I have years of experience in Agile transformations, with over 25 teams operating in the Scaled Agile Framework. Through organizational changes and transformations, I help companies, teams, and individuals become a better version of themselves. Co-author of agiledrive's Scrum Masters School and Facilitation school. Ran 2021 kilometers in 2021.
історії успіху

Breakwater Technology, естонська технологічна компанія, прагнула подолати такі виклики, як неструктуровані процеси, орієнтовані на результат оцінки, слабке узгодження цілей та відсутність відповідальності. Рішенням стали OKR.

Компанія успішно впровадила систему OKR, узгодивши цілі зі стратегією та цілячись в розвиток культури, орієнтованої на результат. Завдяки чітким цілям, відстеженню та оцінці компанія досягла узгодженості та спільно працювала над досягненням спільної мети. Прочитати повну версію статті можна за посиланням.

agiledrive and breakwater

Процес та результат

  1. Переглянули стратегічні цілі та встановили 5-річну North Star Goal
  2. Чітко визначили ключові показники ефективності компанії на наступні 2 роки
  3. Визначили OKR на рівні відділів на 2 квартал
  4. Навчили ключових співробітників і топ-менеджмент визначенню, відстеженню та узгодженню OKR
  5. Створили культуру OKR для постановки цілей, орієнтованих на результат
  6. Впровадили цикл ОКР для відстеження та оцінки.


  1. Узгодження цілей компанії з метою та стратегією
  2. Чіткість, керівництво та відповідальність для всіх співробітників
  3. Відстеження прогресу та оцінка результатів
  4. Посилення співпраці для досягнення спільних цілей.


the process

Key benefits clients receive when using this service, such as increased planning process efficiency, accelerated decision-making, and enhanced participant engagement.

1 day

Request removal

Our closer acquaintance, clarification of request details, a better understanding of your needs and goals, and how we can be of help to you.

1 day

Preparation for the strategic session

Hand with watch

We conduct interviews with participants and analyze their responses. We prepare the necessary materials for a high-quality facilitation of the session. We also design the session, prepare online or offline materials, and create a comfortable space for the meeting. All of this helps us ensure a successful and productive strategic session.

2 day

Session facilitation and execution

agiledrive facilitators will help unlock potential conflicts and foster productive discussions, enabling quicker decision-making and consensus-building.

2 day

Follow-up session

Facilitation helps participants strengthen their common understanding of the company's mission, goals, and strategic directions, contributing to its successful development.


Katerina Zubarieva Sleeper
Katerina Zubarieva
Сo-founder, Sleeper

We are very satisfied with how the strategic session was held. Thanks to the session, they felt like a team. Huge thanks to Yuriy for the professional facilitation.


Alexey Kovalenko Epikur
Alexey Kovalenko
Founder and CEO OPENMIND, Managing stockholder at Epikur

The Epicur team included both Scrum adherents and skeptics. But even the adepts had questions — how can Agile work in an offline project? I am grateful that the team accepted Scrum and agile approaches! Easy clarification, gentle and at the same time persistent influence on changes in my and other managers' behaviour. Personal positive attitude of trainers. I think that was a great key to success! Now, after months of independent swimming, I dare say — Scrum has taken root and the Epicurus team has moved to relationship version 2.0!


Pavel Vrzhesch banda
Pavel Vrzhesch
Co-Founder and Creative Director

The coaches helped us to go all the way as comfortable as possible for the team. And where we would be much more direct and tough, they were able to convey the importance of focusing on the team. We are very happy with what we have in the end! Separately, I would like to mention the agiledrive's ability to manage the process and teams, involve and transfer knowledge so that everyone is high and feels heard.


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Strategic sessions are a crucial tool for businesses aimed at developing and implementing effective development strategies. Facilitating a strategic session helps teams collaborate, generate ideas, and find optimal solutions. This process fosters team cohesion, refines goals, and identifies pathways to success. Through strategic sessions and facilitation, companies have the opportunity to realize their potential, achieve their objectives, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you conduct a strategic session twice a year?

A strategic session is conducted twice a year to plan, analyze, and adjust strategic goals. This provides the opportunity to evaluate the previous period, set the direction for the next six months, adjust plans, and inspire the team.

Do you conduct strategic sessions on extremely short notice, from today to tomorrow?

No, we do not conduct strategic sessions on extremely short notice. To prepare for a strategic session effectively, it's important to have advance meetings with the client, define the roles of participants, and have preliminary discussions with them. It's also essential to finalize the plan and session format in advance, whether it's conducted in-person or online. Quality preparation is a crucial component of achieving a successful strategic session.

Can you teach our facilitator to conduct a strategic session?

Yes, we offer that service. Please fill out the questionnaire, and we will contact you shortly to discuss all the details.

Who participates in the strategic session?

The strategic session involves the business owner/CEO and the top management team. The number of participants can be adjusted based on individual interviews with each participant. The recommended maximum number of participants is 12.

What is a strategic session?

A strategic session is a special event where key stakeholders of an organization come together to discuss and formulate the strategic goals and development plans of the company. It's an important process for defining the path to success.

What are the advantages of conducting strategic sessions for a company?

Conducting strategic sessions helps enhance team cohesion, improve decision-making, define clear objectives, increase efficiency, and reduce risks. They assist a company in becoming more competitive and successful in the market.

How long does the strategic session last?

The duration of a strategic session can vary depending on the needs, scale, and complexity of the organization. Typically, a strategic session can last from one to several days, depending on the extent of discussions and the development of strategic plans. It's important to allocate enough time for in-depth analysis, discussions, decision-making, and the development of actionable plans.

How to conduct an effective strategic session?

To conduct an effective strategic session, it is necessary to involve all stakeholders, create a structured agenda, use facilitation, identify strengths and potential threats, and determine specific strategies. It is important to engage experts with experience in conducting strategic sessions and gather feedback from participants.